Recommend this App.

Needed an eBay store without the ebay store price. Five dollars a month is a very reasonable price for this automated CMS with almost no setup. The software app simply pulls your auctions down from eBay and gives the seller a great Web presence without incurring another ebay fee. This does increase your internet search-ability and gives results right out of the box. I’m not a web developer but have used other CMS systems. They take hours to configure, and require advanced knowledge to use. This app suits my desire to simply fill in a few text boxes with information and move along with my ebay sales. Thanks for offering this and the very reasonable pricing!!

Great app! Especially for the technically challenged, like me.

Well worth the $5 a month. Easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain, and great tech support. Just follow through the simple set up process and it automatically updates all your listings. I did have a few very minor issues with a couple of my listings after installation, so I e-mailed 3dsellers and received OUTSTANDING same day customer support (on a Sunday I might add) from Alex. I highly recommend this app if you want to add a slick easy way for your buyers to view all your listings in an extremely professional lay-out. I do recommend using the Banner option, it’s the easiest way for your buyers to access your web store. Thank’s 3dsellers, in my book you get 5 stars!

Cool for Marketing

We use this neat web page design layout on our business cards. Sooo.. Instead of directing people to the boring ‘Ebay Store’ it will direct them to this one.

I have double the views now, and sales are up.

I have put my web store on everything that I can and it has made a significant change in my views and sales in last 60 days.

I love this application and wish I would have done it a long time ago!

I love how professional the store fronts look and how easy it was to create.
I had a few issues on my end with Internet Explorer not saving some things so I contacted the support staff. They are wonderful, on-the-ball and extremely helpful. The support staff gets 5 stars from me.
I highly recommend this application. It’s worth the very small monthly fee.

What a wonderful Site… I love what you can do for me and my new web store… Fast Support Team!!!

I am new to this site and It is very easy to use and very helpful and quick Team of support that would make anyone feel more secure in a new venture….. I had an problem and it was fix fast and made me feel good with the level of concern I was given to help me fix my problem.
Thanks for your Support and Value you add to my Web Store.


Nice Set up and App.

My sales improved immediately after adding your app to my eBay store. I couldn’t be more pleased. Keep up the excellent work my hats off to you….


Worth the money!

I am happy to have a web page and url that lists my items for sale at a glance. I had an issue that I created, so I contacted Alex and it was instantly resolved! This is a great service for those who are not as computer savvy to create a web page or who just don’t have the time.


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