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We are happy to announce that we’ve just added a new feature to Webstore: a dynamic sidebar.

With our NEW dynamic sidebar you will be able to add different widgets to your sidebar including: social buttons, a text box and a “PayPal verified” badge.

Besides offering you new features for your sidebar, our dynamic sidebar allows you to control which widgets will appear in your sidebar. This way you can choose if to display existing features such as the “Subscribe to Newsletter” box and (if you are a top rated seller) your eBay Top Rated Seller badge.

The sidebar is only available in our latest design templates: Verde, Aquarius and Cherry Blossom.

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Social Buttons Widget

Increase your social reach with our social buttons! Our Social Buttons widget allows you to easily get more fans and followers by linking your storefront with your social accounts. With our Social Buttons widget you can add to your sidebar “follow us” buttons to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube accounts.


Text Widget


Want to add custom text to your sidebar? now you can, with our text widget! With our text widget you can provide your buyers with more information, advertise a sale, add a personal message or add any other text. You can also format the text and change the title for the text box.


Newsletter Widget

newsletter-widgetWant to expand your reach with your eBay mailing list? Add our newsletter widget to your sidebar so that eBay buyers can easily sign up to your eBay newsletter!






Badges Widget

badges-widgetYour badges widget will allow you to display relevant badges in your sidebar including a “PayPal Verified” badge and a “Top Rated Seller” badge.




Want to see other features added to your storefront? feel free to leave your suggestions here in the comments area!

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