How to Setup Your Webstore eBay Storefront Tutorial

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1. Visit our site and subscribe to the app.

2. Next you will be redirected to eBay to link your webstore storefront with your eBay account.

3. Proceed to PayPal to set up your monthly automatic payment.

4. After you’ve set up payment, you will be redirected to your control panel. You first step is to activate your webstore, do that by choosing a sub-domain (you can also leave your default sub-domain) and clicking on the “Activate” button.

5. Next choose if to place a banner in each of your listings directing buyers on eBay to your storefront.

6. Now choose the design template for your storefront under the “template” tab.

7. Choose a logo for your storefront. You can either choose your eBay logo, one of our designs or upload a custom logo.

8. Choose a header for your storefront. You can choose to feature one of your items in the header, choose one of our designed headers, or upload your own custom header. In our full width templates you can also change the background for your featured item.

9. Next add the information for your “About” page and choose a name for your store in the “Store Settings” tab.

10. That’s it! You will be able to see all your changes right away in your webstore*.

*The banner in your eBay listings it will be added within 12 hours.

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