How to Register A Domain for Your off-eBay Storefront

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After getting a few requests from users asking us to explain how to register & use a different domain we’ve decided to create a step-by-step guide explaining how to do so.

So if you don’t want to direct potential buyers to your domain, but want a shorter and more unique domain just follow this guide to learn how to do that. This guide includes these two parts:


Part 1: Choosing & registering your new domain in GoDaddy.

Part 2: Forwarding your domain to your domain.


If you already purchased your domain you can go ahead and skip to part 2.

This guide explains how to forward your domain in GoDaddy, if you purchased your domain from a different domain provider and are still not sure how to do it based on these instructions you will have to contact your domain provider for assistance.


Choosing & Registering Your New Domain

1. To choose a domain enter your desired domain in this GoDaddy search window, by clicking on “Go” you will be able to easily check if the domain you want is available:

2. A few tips for choosing a domain name:

* Use a cool TLD. There are many different “Top Level Domains” available today and you should take advantage of this if you want a really unique domain name. Top level domains are the ending of your web address, such as .com, .org and .net. Today you have many other option such as: .clothing, .shoes, .diamonds, .computer, .equipment, .bike and .camera. So consider using one of these new branded TLDs if you want to associate your storefront with a certain category.

* Keep it short to make your web address easy to remember by buyers. Take into consideration that you might want to add your web address to business cards and other printed media, so the shorter the better.

* Make it stand out. This relates to both of the previous tips, if you get a cool TLD and keep your domain short your web address is more likely to stand out. For example: if you sell jewelry you can use the .diamonds TLD and make your domain Now that’s neat!

3. Once you’ve found the domain you want click on “Add” to add it to your cart and click on “Continue” to proceed to payment.

4. Once you arrive at your cart click on ”Proceed to checkout”.

5. You will now have to create your GoDaddy account, under “New Customers” click on continue to create your account.

6. Once you’ve created your account you will be directed to a “Billing & Payment” page. The payment method you entered when signing up will be your default payment method. Click on “Continue”  to proceed.

7. You will arrive at a “Place Your Order” page, click on “Place your Order” to proceed.

8. You will get a “Thank You” page letting you know registration was successful.

Forwarding Your Domain

1. Go to your GoDaddy’s My Account page, if you just purchased your domain you will be redirected to it.

2. Near “Domains” click on “Launch”.

3. Click on the name of the domain you purchased.

4. In the following page choose the tab that says “DNS Zone File” and click on “Edit”.

5. At the top of the page under the A(Host) click on the pencil icon under “Points to” enter this IP address:

6. In the next window click on “Ok” to proceed.

7. You will now get the following message.

8. Next go back to your “Domains” page.

9. Near your domain name you will find an arrow that opens a scroll down menu, click on “Forward Domain” in this menu.

10. Click on “Add forwarding” in . In this window enter your address and choose the option to forward with masking.

11. In the following 3 fields enter a title, description and the keywords for your site so that Google and under search engines will index your new domain in search results.

12. Once You’ve finished click on “Add”.

13. In the next window click on “Save”.

14. It can take up to an hour for this change to take place and for your registered domain to be forwarded to your domain.

15. To check that if it’s working simply enter in your browser your registered domain, once this works you will be able to see under your new domain your storefront.




  1. Was a little pain going thru the change but all and all not to bad if you have a few computer skills.Great instructions.///// Betty D

    Betty Deleon

    February 27, 2014

  2. Thank-You, all went well, but I found you need to leave off the last period . from the new IP address otherwise it will not recognize it as a valid IP address

    Walter S

    March 4, 2014

  3. Thank you Walter for bringing this to our attention!


    March 4, 2014

  4. I did the domain forward through GoDaddy but I noticed when a customer
    is on our eBay listings, the link above the description where it says, "check out my webstore" that domain changes back to the webstore domain name How can I
    correct that from happening?

    Ed Everett

    July 23, 2014

    • Hi,

      Did you choose when forwarding the domain the option of masking the domain too?

      3Dsellers eBay Apps

      July 23, 2014

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