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What is Webstore?

Webstore is an app that allows you to open a beautifully designed storefront for your eBay listings outside of eBay. This helps you drive more traffic to your listings on eBay. Webstore’s elegant design & layout make it a great landing page with which you can easily promote your items across the web.

How does Webstore work?

After signing up your Webstore will be activated automatically. You will then be directed to your Webstore control panel where you will be able to choose a unique sub-domain, a design and add a logo/header.

What does Webstore offer me as an eBay seller?

1. An elegantly designed storefront for your eBay listings.

2. A website that can function as a landing page, easy to promote and drive potential buyers to.

3. SEO website that will increase your visibility in search engines.

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How do I open my own Webstore?

Opening a Webstore can be easily done in 3 steps:

1. eBay authorization – allow eBay authorization to connect your webstore with your eBay account.

2. PayPal payment – proceed to PayPal to pay for your Webstore subscription.

3. Setup your Webstore – choose your Webstore’s sub-domain, a design template and customize your Webstore.

Can I try out the service?

Yes, you get a 7-day FREE trial!

>> Control Panel

How do I set up my Webstore?

For step-by step instructions on how to setup your Webstore read our user manual.

How do I access my control panel?

In the top menu you will find a “login” button, login and then you will be directed to your Webstore’s control panel.

Can I change my Webstore’s design?

To change your Webstore’s design template login into your account and under the “template” tab in your Webstore’s control panel choose a different design template.

How do I change a header or logo?

For step-by step instructions on how to change your logo or header read our user manual.

>> Payment & Cancellation

How much does it cost?

Webstore costs $5.99 a month.

What payment options do you offer?

We only accept PayPal.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Click here to unsubscribe. You can end your Webstore subscription at any time and not be charged any additional fees.


If you have any other questions visit our support center.

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