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By on Feb 5, 2014 in Blog | 2 comments

We are happy to announce that we added some new features to all of webstore’s design templates.

Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to check out our New Design Templates for Webstore. We’ve added three new designs last month and they’re available for all users.

The following new features are available now in all templates. So also if you want to keep your original template you can still enjoy our new features.

Go Social with these NEW Social Share Buttons

You will now find in all templates an elegant “AddThis” social button widget in all your product pages. With these share buttons visitors will be able to easily share your products in different social networks including: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and StumbleUpon.This will also make it easier for you to share your items in the various social networks. Also, be sure to read our guide on How to Use Pinterest to Promote your eBay Items.

Get A 5-Star Rating!

We’ve added a widget in all product pages that gives by default to all your products a 5-star rating. This rating will also soon be visible in search results ( a “rich snippet”) and will make your products stand out in search results.

Free Shipping Label

We’ve also added a free shipping label in all templates. Now when you offer free shipping in eBay your item will be labeled with a free shipping label already in your storefront.

We’ve decided to add this option after we’ve received feedback from users asking for this. So if there is a certain feature you would like to see added to Webstore please to let us know by posting it here in the comments area below.



  1. Is there a way to add a web counter on the front page ? It would be nice to have a counter located on the front page so that we can see just how many people visit the place.


    February 13, 2014

    • Thank you for the feedback! Yes, we will take this into consideration when adding more features.


      February 14, 2014

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