3 Totally Awesome New Design Themes in Webstore

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You’ve all been waiting for this day and it’s finally here! We just added 3 new design templates to webstore that are now available to all webstore users: Vereda, Aquarius and Cherry Blossom.

Our new themes are all fully responsive themes, with a full width header and modern layout. Making your webstore more stylish and more accessible for your buyers.  The clean layout of our new themes also makes the templates easily adaptable for any type of merchandise.


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Full width layout

Our new themes feature a modern layout with a full width header giving your webstore a up-to-date and stylish look.

Fully responsive

Our new templates are also fully responsive making your webstore user-friendly and easily accessible from all mobile devices.

Choose A background for your featured item!

Our new templates offer you 4 different background choices for your featured item, making it easier for you to customize your webstore’s look so it complements your products perfectly!

Zoom-in feature

Our new templates include a zoom-in feature in each product page providing your buyers with an enhanced shopping experience.

The perfect template for any product!

The clean layout & design of our new templates make them highly multi-purpose and suitable for a variety of products and stores.

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